Integration with Altegio
Checkout of visits in a convenient and familiar interface from amoCRM and stable synchronization of data on visit updates and payments. Widget is available in Russian, Spanish and English
Demo period for 7 days
Installing and configuring the integration

For installing and configuring the integration, leave a request in the form below and we'll contact you as soon as possible
We have also prepared instructions for self-configuration
if you encounter a problem
IMPORTANT! If empty page is displayed in the section "Integration with YCLIENTS" - go to the widget settings (where you indicated access from YCLIENTS) and press "Save" button
Video instruction
By clicking on the free time, the visit is booked
Within the widget, you can see the actual records of the employee for the week to quickly find free time, which can be signed up by a client
Convenient viewing of an employee's appointment schedule
If you need to make an appointment with any free specialist - in the widget added functionality to view the schedule of the branch so that you can quickly help you find a convenient time for your client
Viewing the schedule for the entire branch
After creating a visit, all changes are synchronized with the record and payment for this record
Create an entry directly from amoCRM, the widget supports all necessary data for creating an entry
Record creation directly from amoCRM and further data synchronization
Recording to group events is done by clicking on this event
The group events log displays the number of seats so that you have up-to-date information
The widget supports recording for group events
Also, from the history you can go to the record you are interested in
After the first customer entry, you will view the full history of customer visits
Viewing visit history
3. Synchronization with conditions
Configure the distribution schemes you need yourself. When you change the status of a visit, the transaction can change its stage depending on the branch / employee / funnel / service category
2. Do not synchronize statuses
If you don't need synchronization (and you also don't want to have YCLIENTS entries in the system)
1. Synchronization without conditions
Standard synchronization whereby if you change the status of a visit, the transaction will automatically move to the stage you want
The widget supports three status synchronization options:
Maximum flexibility

Other integration features
Creating an appointment from amoCRM
Automatic data synchronization
Setting up amoCRM users
It is possible to bind Altegio user to amoCRM user, which will be the creator of the visit and will see the information that is configured under the user rights in Altegio
When setting up users, you can select the default branch of the user and in this case, when you make a new visit, the branch will be selected automatically
When you create a new entry in ALTEGIO (e.g., an online entry), the widget can search for active transactions on the client at selected stages
Synchronizes the financial operations that take place during the visit, namely making payments. The data is transmitted to the field of your choice
Synchronized changes of visit statuses in Altegio and within the widget settings, you will select which stage to move the record at a certain status
When making an appointment from Altegio, the task is automatically set for the selected date and time
Such data as "Date of visit", "Time of visit", "Branch" (in the list's field type, or multisheet) and "Employee" are transmitted to the selected fields of the transaction
If necessary, you can edit an entry after it has been created by pressing the "Edit entry" button
Cost of use
(includes 10 connected branches for integration)*
* If you plan to connect over 10 branches, the cost will be
for each additional integration package for 10 branches:
53,3 $ / month
320 $
42,7 $ / month
385 $
40$ / month
480 $
24 $ / month
145 $
21,6 $ / month
195 $
19,5 $ / month
235 $
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