Distribution based on status

In this case, the possibility of configuring distribution to all managers in Kommo based on their work status is considered, without taking into account the schedule.
This case may be suitable for companies where employees do not have a clear work schedule and work hourly.

Setting up a trigger for the automatic distribution of leads in the pipeline among employees based on their status
Setting the work status for managers
View the case presentation and the principle of its operation
When new leads appear in the pipeline, they will be automatically distributed to employees based on their status
Set the following trigger settings:
Optionally, you can choose to change the responsible parties for tasks and contacts, as well as enable "distribution in order."
If necessary, you can add trigger execution conditions, for example, based on a specific lead tag
Set the work status
In the top left corner, by clicking on your avatar in the system, you can choose the work status, based on which the distribution will take place
Track the work status of employees
Thanks to this panel, you will be able to see the work statuses of all employees working in your Kommo
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