Use the widget to send emails about all deals in Kommo CRM

The widget will allow you to send a newsletter for a memorable date or other event, to all leads, without spam and duplication of messages

Select lead from the desired funnel
We can set up functionality for you so that leads with the right clients will be automatically transferred to the right pipeline for the necessary mailings
Combine leads to avoid sending spam messages
Using the "Search for duplicates" widget trigger, we can set up a lead association in your mailing funnel so that the client does not receive spam if you have several leads per client in your main funnels
Automatically send the desired message to the client
Send an automatic message to the client, without the participation of instant messengers. This could be a congratulation, a warm-up for a service, or anything else.

We can configure over 1,000 different robot options that will automatically process customers.
Highlight priority leads
Use the Colored Deals widget to highlight customers with relevant data, such as those you sent a newsletter to.

In combination with the "Search for duplicates" widget, you will no longer lose target clients
Message to client without spam
As a result, you will receive automation related to the creation of a lead from the main pipeline into an additional mailing pipeline. In this pipeline, your clients will be sent the necessary message timed to the date you need.

New leads will not clog up your statistics in the main pipeline, but with their help you will increase profits and control the actions of your clients
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