Integration with Altegio

Here we have described a case - how to use the widget for amoCRM or Kommo CRM "Integration with Altegio" to track lost clients who have stopped signing up and start their separate processing

Creation of transactions for the purpose of client
Separation of regular customers and "lost"
Setting up automation with offers
Watch the presentation of the case and the principle of its work on the automatic search for lost customers
Deals of clients who did not sign up within the period you need are in a separate Digital Pipeline
With the help of integration, you will be able to create deals automatically if the client did not register for the required period of time, using the trigger of the Altegio Integration widget, from the stage you need
You can filter "lost customers"
With the help of a configured additional Digital Pipeline in Kommo CRM and a configured SaleBot in conjunction with the Altegio Integration Super Trigger Function, you will be able to separate lost customers from regular ones and conduct separate work with them
Setting up automation
It is possible to set up a more complex rehabilitation chain for returning a client using SalesBot (including all the possibilities for a bot to communicate with a client via a messenger, etc.)

The configured bot, not the manager, will deal with the initial warm-up and processing of lost clients.
Synchronization with Altegio
After creating a record in Altegio, the transaction will be transferred to Kommo CRM, you can also record a client directly from Kommo CRM and the record will also be displayed in Altegio. When changing the stage of the transaction - it is possible to update the status of the record in Altegio
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