Integration with Altegio

Here we have described a case - how to use the widget for amoCRM and Kommo CRM "Integration with Altegio" to separate customers into new and regular ones, for convenient filtering and applying different work logics to each group

Divide customers into new and regular
Easily track each group
Apply different work logic to each group
Watch the presentation of the case and the principle of its work on dividing customers into new and old
Divide customers into new ones
and permanent
With the help of integration with Altegio, you will be able to distribute transactions across Digital Pipeline, and track new and regular customers, for more convenient and high-quality work of managers.

You can also separate clients according to other principles, for example, by categories of services provided
Separate new customers
With the help of built-in automation, you can separate regular customers into a separate Digital Pipeline and work with them more conveniently there.

It is possible to set up different automation for each Digital Pipeline and maintain different offers for each of the groups.
Convenient filtering
Thanks to the integration with Altegio, you will be able to track the number of visits for each client in amoCRM or como, as well as the total amount of client payments

Depending on the number of visits and the amount of payments, you can assign certain statuses to clients that affect various bonuses and approaches
Synchronization with Altegio
After creating a record in Altegio, the transaction will be transferred to Kommo CRM, you can also record a client directly from Kommo CRM and the record will also be displayed in Altegio. When changing the stage of the transaction - it is possible to update the status of the record in Altegio
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