Integration with Altegio

In the "Integration with Altegio" widget, it is possible to set up a trigger that will check if there are free masters for the time that the client has booked. If there is, send information to the administrator in amoCRM or Kommo CRM

Tracking Free Masters
Inform the administrator, for the sale to the client add. services
Send the client an automatic message that will motivate him to purchase the service
Watch the presentation of the case and the principle of its work on the automatic search for free masters
Tracking Free Masters
The function allows you to set up any logic of working with the client, when we understand that we have free masters at the time of recording using Salesbot amoCRM or Kommo CRM
Inform Administrators
It is used for salons that work in 4 hands with the client (that is, I can do 2 or more services at the same time).

The functionality allows you to increase the number of sales, which leads to growth, make the most efficient use of the time of the masters, and increase the average check per client.
Set up automation to increase sales
Send automatic offers to the customer to purchase services

The configured bot, not the manager, will deal with the initial warm-up and processing of lost clients. It is possible to set up a fully automatic purchase of services
Synchronization with Altegio
After creating a record in Altegio, the transaction will be transferred to Kommo CRM, you can also record a client directly from Kommo CRM and the record will also be displayed in Altegio. When changing the stage of the transaction - it is possible to update the status of the record in Altegio
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